Mothers’ Day Weekend


Finally done with the Spring Semester! Finals were finished just in time to celebrate a fake holiday.. Cinco De Mayo. Oh.. Americans.

Then, my mom came to visit me.

When I hear the horror stories that some of my friends have about their mothers, it makes me want to run home and hug my mother! She has always been there for me and is truly my best friend.

I was a good child, but I still made my mom do things that she’d probably rather not have done… and most of them involved baseball.

Mom and Me

My first birthday

For example, the countless number of Atlanta Braves game that my mom took my friends and I to (though she loves baseball, she did not love going to the game). My mom was the one who sat in the nosebleed section with the book that she was reading at the time while my friends and I made idiots out of ourselves with homemade t-shirts and signs.

She was our personal photographer to capture all these details.

We even convinced my mom to drive us all over the southeast to go watch minor league baseball games. Richmond, VA; Greenville, SC; Asheville, NC; and Savannah, GA were all cities that we graced with our baseball fanatic ways, and not once did my mother show her embarrassment (of course, we were caught up with all the happenings on the field, so there’s a good chance that she was and we just didn’t notice).

My mom and I took trips all the time together, and there was never a time when I didn’t want to spend those times with her. I never laugh as much as when I’m with her… of course, most of the laughing is at the expense of one another.. or my grandma (“I rememba…”)

Now that I’m an adult (at least in age), it’s not as easy to take off and spend time with my mom, but we still find time to goof around. Most of the time she comes to visit me, and we spend days thrift shopping and doing arts and crafts (no joke).

Mom and Me

After Preschool recital

However, no matter how little time we spend together and how many miles are between us, I know that my mom is there for me no matter what… unless our phone conversation lasts more than 15 minutes.. then she gets impatient. 🙂

She is amazing, and one day, I hope that I can be as sure of myself as she is. There is no better role model for me than the woman who struggled to raise me and my three brothers (and trust me.. they were a struggle); she sacrificed so much for us.. and still does.

I love her with all my heart.



Oh, and mom.. if you’re reading this.. can I borrow $20? 😉 just kidding.


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