Painting my Future

Danny Kaye creativity quote

When Spring semester let out, I knew I needed to find some way to make some extra cash during the summer.

I work in a Mexican restaurant Thurs-Sun, but I wanted something different than just serving people.

So, I came up with this idea to paint shoes. I had already made myself a pair to wear to Dragon*Con last year, so I knew I could do it. However, I wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to sell them.

If you ever frequent Etsy, you know that they sell on there, and they’re quite expensive. I’ve always been the nerd that *loves* the idea of wearing all these nerdy creations but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them… mainly because I have more important things to spend money on… like food and rent. So,  I wanted to make the shoes affordable for everyone.

Captain America Shoes

Captain America Themed Shoes

I started out simple, with a pair for myself to see if there was any interest out there. I painted a nice and modern version of Captain America shoes.

A couple of my friends got onboard and ordered a couple from me. I was really excited about the prospect of creating something special for them, and then, everything started taking off.

I’m not saying that I’m packed to the limits with shoe orders, but this has become a pretty fun and profitable way to save some money for grad school.

Last night, while waiting on a couple at work, we got into a discussion about all things nerdy (I have a Sherlock Holmes tattoo on my wrist, which tends to start conversations), and he had a huge Star Wars tattoo. I had just finished some Star Wars themed shoes, and so I showed them to him.

They gushed about my shoes and art for about 10 mins, and I’m not going to lie, it was nice. I would have stood there longer if it hadn’t been for the whole “I’m at work” thing.  The man at the table suggested that I could probably do this for a living and not worry about school, but let’s be honest.. not going to happen.

I love painting these shoes, and I love watching people nerd-out over my creations for them. However, painting shoes is not my passion. I will, however, be continuing to paint them.. probably well into grad school because who doesn’t love a bit of extra cash? Plus, painting shoes reminds me of arts and crafts at summer camp so many years ago.



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