Would You Like Fries with that Hate?

Alright, USA, it’s time for a change. See those fingers you’re pointing? Stop it. See those angry generalizations you’re writing, saying, etc.? Stop it. Do you actually think that only one party will fix what’s wrong with this country? Don’t cling to your party simply because it’s what you’ve always done. Don’t think about the other party’s flaws. Think about it realistically. Can one person/one party get this country back on track? If you’re nodding, stop it. I want you to read this next sentence slowly and think about it for a minute.

Do you want the United States of America to be a better place to live?

To fix this country, everyone—every citizen—has to do their part, and not just by casting a vote.

Don’t argue. Don’t say, “But this..” or “But that…” No.

Going once every two/four years to change the course of this country isn’t going to cut it anymore. That’s not unlike going to the gym and eating a salad once a month and then eating fast food the rest of the month. Your body appreciates that day, but you’re not really doing something to change. You’re doing it to be able to say, “Yeah, I work out, so I don’t really know why I keep gaining weight.” IT’S THE FAST FOOD!

The US is currently on that diet… except our fast food is hate and fear. We like to cover our diet up by pretending that we’re working out(voting), but this country is gaining fat like there’s no tomorrow… and there may not be.

We don’t love anymore. We say we “love” our country, but that’s the same as when we said we “loved” our middle school boyfriend/girlfriend (yes there are exceptions.. move on). And unlike Captain America, when we doodle “USA” on our Trapper Keeper, we don’t mean it.

Instead, we’ve gone to the dark side. We gave the emperor what he wanted. We gave in to the fear and hate, and now it fuels us. Now, it’s all we know. Some people hate Conservatives. Some people hate Liberals.

When people say these words, their disdain drips off of the words like the grease off freshly fried bacon. Our disdain is clogging the arteries of the US, and if we don’t fix that, Uncle Sam is going to need a Triple Bypass soon.

Stop pointing fingers. We’re in this together, and we need to start acting like it. Spewing hate isn’t how we’re going to fix this country. We fix it by setting aside our biases, our judgements, our prejudices and taking the hand of the person next to us.

When you close your eyes and open your hearts, great things can be accomplished. You don’t know if they’re Black, White, Asian, Straight, Gay, Transgender, Male, Female, Old, Young, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. No. You don’t know these things because you’re less blind with your eyes closed. You see them as human. There’s no static, no visual discrepancies, when your eyes are closed. We are no longer seeing what the media and political candidates have been conning us into seeing. We connect with them because we are all one. We are not afraid of them; we do not hate them.

We cannot change this country for the better by fearing someone or something that we don’t understand. We cannot change this country by hating people. If you do not agree with someone, that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with not agreeing with someone, but you should try to realize that their lives have gone down a different path than yours. Their reasoning for believing/doing what they do is because of that.

We cannot change this country for the better by hating people. Hate actions. I hate the violence that goes on in this country. I hate that we cling to our guns and threaten lives. It’s your right to have a gun, and I don’t believe it should be taken away. That fact doesn’t mean that I don’t hate gun violence, that I don’t think we need some serious changes.

We shout at people for “Black Lives Matters” because black people are killing black people, but we shout that because we don’t understand what it really is that they want. It’s education and a better way of life. Poorer neighborhoods have higher crime because life is a struggle and because education is still a luxury. We turn a blind eye to these neighborhoods because we’re not in them, and then we shout that they are animals when they lash out at us.

We shout at Police officers because of the deaths they cause, but we don’t stop to think about those that don’t kill people. Police Officers, good Police Officers, are out there. They are doing the right thing. We cannot latch onto the extreme cases and generalize. These people put their lives on the line every day to try to help serve their communities. Does it give them the right to kill because they’re scared? No, but not all are trigger happy. The majority of these men and women are honorable people. We cannot forget that simply because some have chosen a less honorable path.

We shout at the LGBTQ+ community because their existence disgusts us. How dare they find someone in their life to care about as much as we care about our significant other? How dare they trample on your religion? How dare they use the bathroom? Here’s the thing: they’re not doing it for you or to you. They are living their lives as they see fit… just as you are. If you think they’re in for eternal damnation, well that’s something that they will have to deal with if it comes to be (which I don’t think it will). Making their lives feel like Hell. That’s on you. What’s that famous saying about stones and glass houses?

We shout Muslims because we fear them. That’s what it is, ya know? Fear. We are taught that them and people that look like them are out to kill us like the modern day boogey man. We hate them because they need to escape from a war that we started. I’m not sure if we hate them more because of our prejudices or because they remind us of our mistakes. However, I would eat that handful of Skittles because if I had to sacrifice my life so that thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women, and children could survive… it would be worth it. My life is no more or less important than theirs. We make that argument about abortion, ya know? “What if that unborn child had the cure to cancer?” We don’t think about the possibility that we could be having the next Jim Jones or Jeffrey Dahmer. No. We think the best about that child. Now, what if one of those refugees had the cure to cancer inside their mind waiting to learn and discover it? Is an unborn cluster of cells more important than a living human being? No.

If I could meet every person in this world that has been discriminated against, I would hug them, which is probably nearly every person in this world. Think about a time when you were discriminated against. Remember that feeling? Now, every time you meet a person, know that they, too, have had that feeling—or worse. If we want to make the country.. NAY! the world a better place, it starts by looking in the mirror and changing us first. Put down the burger, America, and let’s go to the gym.


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