Learn Facts, Spread Truths


With the political climate as it is currently, I am constantly seeing posts about who should talk about what topics and who shouldn’t be allowed to speak at all.

The general consensus is that celebrities should not speak up on their political views because they are not “common men.” They do not struggle as we struggle; they do not understand the woes of this country.

Celebrities are people, too. It’s ridiculous that I have to say that out loud, but apparently it needs to be said. They are not monkeys that we keep in a cage and force to perform. They are people who have their own opinions about their life. You are sorely mistaken if you believe that elections don’t affect them; they do.

Many celebrities that we hear from on the daily are voters and US citizens, which gives them the right to vocalize their opinions. We know the true reason behind your anger about this though, don’t we?

Celebrities have power. They have a podium that waits for them to speak up and say influential things. We hate them because they can reach millions upon millions of people. We hate them because what they say overshadows any greatly intelligent thing that you have to say. Their tweet about going to the restroom has more likes than your discussion of charities that you’ve helped.

It’s annoying; I know.

The thing is, they have this privilege, and though they don’t have to use it, it’s better that they do.

You see, they are using their privilege to speak out on issues that they care about. The same way you do when you post a status/talk to people. When it is a cause that you care about and they are on your side, you feel lucky to have them.

Think about how much money celebrities have given and made for charities all over the world. We applaud them for this; some of us thank God for sending them so that our cause would receive help.

There are always two sides to any situation. They don’t have to be on your side; there is no written rule that states that your favorite actor/actress/musician/performer will always side with your views on what the world should do. (In my case, I got ashamed when my favorite actor threw a phone at someone’s head, but ya know.. it’s his life).

I will disagree with celebrities, but I will never ask for their voice to be taken away (and if I have in the past, I was wrong to). If you believe they are ignorant in their views, please post their views and give facts and evidence as to why they are wrong. Don’t use your opinion to fight against theirs, especially if theirs is backed by facts.

Maybe you won’t reach the amount of people that they do, but do so to inform those around you of the lies/ignorance they spread. Again, in order to do this, you must back up your argument with reputable facts, not opinions. If someone finds a false fact (or alternative facts), it can easily ruin any credibility of the argument.

But here’s the big kicker, it doesn’t matter about age or struggles. Some of the most intelligent, well-informed people I know are younger than I am. Some are privileged and some are poor. The important thing to focus on is simply the facts. Do your research: read books, newspapers, and scholarly sources. Read informational gathering documents instead of biasedly spun articles. Sure, they won’t be interesting, but they will be informative. Read history books.

The key is to never stop learning. There are many opinions that I had when I was younger that I see huge flaws in now (some even just a couple years ago). The point is, be open to changing your mind. Don’t worry about what political party you align yourself with; instead focus on learning the truths.

It’s okay to believe in something that doesn’t align with your party’s views. It’s okay to let go and not be aligned with a party. If you really want to make a difference, stop thinking there’s a certain line you must follow and branch out. If you really want to save this country, become well-informed and speak out with facts, not opinions. I know that the opposite is the cool thing to do right now, but don’t fall into that… don’t be oblivious… don’t be naïve. Learn facts and spread truths.


3 thoughts on “Learn Facts, Spread Truths

  1. Facts seem a bit hard to come by. As I see it. I have not come by any neutral American news, for example. They all seem to have taken sides. However, the biggest mistake is all the talk about Islam. Very few, if any, nails it. There is a huge lack of knowledge. The discussions would be far more interesting if the facts were right.

    • I think it’s important to research. I know that the news isn’t always easy to sift through, but putting forth the effort to check sources, fact check, and think critically, will always help in the long run.

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